Professional services for the purchase of equines in ARGENTINA

We notice the need to accompany and assist a large number of buyers in the world who wanted to own Argentine horses.

We provide services for the owner or buyer of sports horses, work and accompany horses.

Our assistance includes: the selection, the corresponding sanitary control, the logistics for the animal to arrive in optimal conditions to its new destination, with attendant service in charge of efficient veterinary professionals.

Our commitment is with our customers.

With TOTAL independence from breeders, Haras, trainers, ETC.

We elaborate a detailed report of the general state of the equine.

Our experience and efficiency in the profession guarantee the quality of the service we provide.

Sanitary checks to be carried out on request:

  • GENERAL Clinical Exam

  • Ultrasounds

  • Electrocardiograms

  • X Rays

  • Respiratory endoscopies (fiberoptic endoscopies)

  • Gastroscopy (video endoscopy)

  • Reproductive exam

  • Sport Aptitude Assessment

  • Lab

  • Others

Idioma / Languaje

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Horse for the World - Veterinaria Baldini