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 SPORT HORSE                      

Faced with the need to meet the growing demand for veterinary products, in 2005 we
began with the development of a line of Laboratory Equine Specialties ¨SPORT
HORSE¨, which today has more than 35 prestigious veterinary medicines.
- SPORT HORSE High Performance line
- Analgesic and anti-inflammatory line
- antibiotics and antiparasitic line
- Nutraceutic
- Rehydrating serum
Our presence is throughout our country, as well as neighboring countries, Central
America and Persian Gulf countries, with records in other countries.


Always working for a constant improvement, in the year 2006 we assembled our own
diagnostic laboratory.
-Clinical Lab and Equine Infectious Anemia (AIE) (Lab. 655 SENASA)
-Yield and growth blood profiles.
-Urine test
- Stool ova and parasite exam

- Bacteriological cultures. Swabs

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Veterinary Guard
The veterinary guard of the great CHAMPIONS of RACES
From 2010 to the present day we are the official veterinary service of "Our horses",
the most important Latin American equestrian exhibition of the equestrian industry.
Scenario of the exhibition of all the races of ARGENTINA, with participation of the
most important breeders of the country and the region.
An essential event for all the protagonists of the equestrian industry.